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Posted: Sep 7th, '18, 17:30 
Replies: 0 Views: 459

Hello everyone,does anybody no how the water drains out of the bulkhead under the scuttle plastic trim where the wiper motor sits.For some reason i have water coming in both sides of the car in both corners of the A pillar,its not the targa drains there both connected and cleaned out.The only info o...
Posted: Aug 26th, '18, 01:52 
Replies: 1 Views: 334

Hello everybody,does anybody no how the water drains away from the bulkhead off of the windscreen.The reason i am asking is because i am getting water inside coming from outer bulkhead where wiper stuff fits,and its not the targa drain pipes there fine,already fixed those,cant find any info on the c...
Posted: Jul 11th, '13, 00:27 
Replies: 3 Views: 1115

hiy everyone i am new to the site,but not to the zed,i am on my second which i have owned for 5 years.It is a 93 TT,and i have just replaced the heater matrix,removed dash,and my problem is the steering column seems to be bout an inch to short and wont go into bulk head,someone please help,many than...
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