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Showroom(beta) Dealership

ZXClub.netEasier way to upload images Post Posted: Aug 6th, '09, 14:25

To make uploading images alot easier use this program.

All you have to do is download the program, and install it. For example if i want to upload a image of something i will just right click and select "upload with Rightload" from that select Add to Queue


Once you have selected the file you want then you want to select image shack (or any others you perfer)


Once done press start upload!

As you see below once it completes you can select if you want to add image tags on to it (BB-Code Image: [IMG]) This is what the forum uses to display pictures so people can see it)
So lets select it.

As you see in the image above now there is IMG tags infront and behind on the pictures!

To copy the uploaded pictures into the forums just press copy to clipboard and then go to the forums were you want your pictures to display and press Ctrl and V or right click and select paste


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