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Showroom(beta) Dealership

ZXClub.netRe-opening of the forum Post Posted: Feb 16th, '14, 22:29

After being away from the scene for nearly 2 years, plus seeing/hearing of whats been going on in that period, i have decided to take over the forum and have it reopened for ALL the ZX owners throughout the UK for us all to enjoy. There will be NO political garbage allowed on here between clubs in any way shape or form, otherwise action WILL be taken. Some of you will know me, some will not, but there is no reason why everyone cannot get on in a civil manner, without the arguing/bickering like has happened before. There are people who will not get on for whatever reason, but that is just life, just do not make a point of it on here, be the better person and leave it.

The forum will be run committee free and for ZX members to have freedom of speech (within reason) and not act like 2 kids in a school playground, so PLEASE be adults. ALL new members welcome, lets get this place to where it should be folks and enjoy. We may have a few technical issues to start, but please bare with us until they are ironed out. HAVE FUN GUYS & GALS. :cheers2:


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