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Newbile Infant
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Showroom(beta) Dealership

ZXClub.netNewbie from Kent in UK Post Posted: Mar 2nd, '18, 14:38

Hi my name is Marc, after a prolonged search I have recently purchased a 1990 Z32 300ZX NA Manual SWB Targa

I fear I may have been blinkered by the fact that it was the first affordable car with my chosen specification.

I really wanted a manual with T tops NA SWB and now I have one the list of faults appear to be growing by the day however it is (in my opinion) nice to look at so for a little while I will have to settle with that.

I will be after some advice in the coming weeks as to the best way to approach its many issues and will be grateful of any help

Best Regards


I will upload a photo as soon as I work out how

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Showroom(beta) Dealership
Top Re: Newbie from Kent in UK Post Posted: Sep 7th, '18, 21:38


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